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I am from ” identity and poetry”

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I am from ” identity and poetry”

Category: Character Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Agriculture

Level: College

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Identity and Poetry: I am From
I am from so many countries that it’s shorter to say where I’m not from
I am from many cultures together mix in one big country
I am from America, and always thankful to come home when I leave her
I am from being raised in a religious family
I am from a public education system that offered me the best it could
I am from discovering that religion should be replaced with relationship
I am from knowing that God is there, in every place
I am from speaking my feelings out loud regardless of the outcome
I am from assuming my mistakes, and correcting them
I am from Saturdays with friends and Sundays with the family
I am from sunny days laying in the grass
I am from always trying hard and never leaving surrender
I am from sitcoms; reality shows and cable television
I am from being closer to those I love
I am from being afraid, but never back down without finishing
I am from playing until dark, and ending with scratched knees
I am from my choices, as they have made who I am today
I am from my family, as their experiences are also mine
I am from what’s to come, and from all the things that happened before
I am from the unknown for it hasn’t shown yet
I am from the anxiety and desire of improving and being better on each day

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