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Agriculture and human civilization

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Adoption of agriculture resulted in a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the urge for people to live in harmony led to the creation of structures of governance. Therefore, some people were chosen to lead others. The second consequence of agricultural adoption is that it led to specialization. People ventured into other economic activities such as trade. Thirdly, adoption of agriculture led to the emergence of language and culture within the society (Adler, Philip and Randall 12). The reason is that people lived together and shared common elements and beliefs which united them together. Agricultural adoption resulted in the division of labor. Social inequality...

Organic farming methods vs Conventional methods

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Agriculture 25th October 2015 Organic Farming Methods versus Conventional Farming Methods: A Critical Appraisal Background Organic farming is referred to the form of agricultural practice that integrates natural techniques like green manures, crop rotation and biological pest control methods. This form of farming depends upon the natural resources and biological derivatives produced in the environment (Venkat 620-649). Organic farming strictly excludes any methods or materials that are produced synthetically. This form of agricultural practice is strictly...


Advantages and Disadvantages of GMO. Your name Institution Date (optional). Over the recent years, the number of countries producing genetically modified crops has substantially increased. Accordingly, this has stirred up a lot of debate over GMO foods and their safety. The paper herein addresses the advantages and disadvantages of these foods with the aim of coming up with a conclusive stand on whether the GMO foods are poison or panacea. In this first part of the paper, the advantages of GMO foods will be highlighted. One of the benefits of GMO is that the overall taste, as well as quality of the food, would be increased (Uppangala, 2010). The reason for this conclusion is that through the...

The hunters game and twithlight

John Green on Contemporary YA Fiction After reading the book, we are confident that Green wrote a masterpiece. Unlike Stephanie Mayer, who wrote Twilight appealing to an audience of inexperienced 13-year old girls, and Suzanne Collins, who wrote the Hunger Games, thinking of boys and girls alike. Green looks for "intelligent" readers. Green, following a tradition proposed by J.D. Salinger with "The Catcher in the Rye". In the novel, Salinger addresses youth from an entirely different perspective, and so does Green. In "The Fault is in our Stars", Green carries out the premise that teens want to be intellectually challenged. Although teenagers are "developing", they have brains complicated...

The hunter games and twilight

Bella and Katniss Letters Dear Katniss. I don’t know if you have read my “so-called” life. If you haven’t, I’ll give you an insider perspective of what it is like. I will make it quick because I have to talk to you about another thing. Before knowing Edward, and thE Cullens, my life was quite ordinary. Actually, I could say that if it weren't for all my experiences around Edward, I’d be in my bedroom, doing nothing. What can I say about me, Kat? –I hope you don’t mind that I use that nickname-. I’m an average everyday American girl. A product of my era. I could even say that I don’t resemble any kind of person in specific. I don’t know if you have read Jean Eyre,...

Infinite YA Literature

Infinite in YA Fiction Infinite, and infinity is a significantly used resource in Young Adult literature. YA books and stories tend to drift toward the emotional development in characters. In the same way, the primary audience for YA fiction is composed of teenagers –this is not a secret, though–, and most writers aim to show characters that develop at the same pace the readers do. In most books, the feeling of infinite is shown in the climaxes, or in those parts where the plot shows a significant part of the character’s development. For instance, the literary canon –seen in movies and books– says that when the characters have reached their maximum potential, they feel a...