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How autism is diagnosed by eye tracking method revised

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How autism is diagnosed by eye tracking method revised

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: Masters

Pages: 6

Words: 1650

Evaluating the Empirical Value of Tracking the Eyes to Study a Condition or Specific Area of Psychology
How Autism Is Diagnosed by Eye Tracking Method in Infants
The Study Rationale
There is always a belief that autism takes place at some point in a human’s life. However, the autism disorder has been there since the onset of life, particularly in infants. For infants, they can always follow gazes of people since they usually tend to understand that what people look at is what they think. The infants also learn attitudes as well as body languages to develop meaning. Also, for autism spectrum disorder, the division line concerning attraction and attention is not that defined (Klin et al., 2000).
For purposes of developing effective intervention and prevention methods to discover the spectrum, there is need to understand autism spectrum disorder of an individual’s inner world. The activities they engage in, the things that matter to them as well as their perception of the world. There are technologies build by researchers to study the world from people with ASD’s eyes. For instance, the eye-tracking technology which allows one to see what newborns, children, and people are engaging in every moment (Bolte et al., 2013).
The paper will emphasize on critical evaluation of eye tracking method for autism spectrum disorder diagnosis in infants. The eye tracking method and autism spectrum disorder relation will be discussed based on their validity, rel…

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