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honest review/what do you think about psychology class after taking this course and what do you learn from it

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honest review/what do you think about psychology class after taking this course and what do you learn from it

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Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Honest Review
Psychology is the scientific study of the peoples minds and its affiliation to the behavior of a person. Psychology classes are important for students to understand the day to day activities of human beings and the actions of most people. Good psychologists can tell a person character by just observing their actions and listening to them. Understanding the mind and the way people think, helps most students in making better choices in their lives and, therefore, avoiding life crippling mistakes like the aftermaths of peer pressure. Psychology classes often help students to understand the difference between many life events and, therefore, helps the students to have a more positive approach towards life. These sessions are important in identifying ways to deal with people and other students who might not be of the same intelligence group with the psychology classes and this, in turn, helps in assisting other students in the school where needed.
Critical thinking is the ability to listen to claims and make a judgment by well-supported reasoning. Critical thinking is paramount in people’s lives as it affects the day to day interactions of humans. Psychology classes play a tremendous role in critical thinking development since they offer a different way of thinking, therefore, creating a better understanding of people. This knowledge helps in making a judgment of how to deal with various types of persons. Critical thinking is also crucial in solving conflicts as well as handling emotions since it gives one the knowledge of what the other person is likely to respond given a particular situation and also the emotions involved in the conflict. For instance, social psychology taught in class helps the student to understand the influence of others on oneself, therefore, giving one the ability to judge whom to relate with and whom not keep as freiends.
Psychology also helps in understanding the moods of various actions and people. For instance, it helps parents and teenagers to understand the attitudes experienced during the adolescent phase where kids become rebellious as a result of physical body changes. The knowledge acquired in these classes helps the parents to adjust accordingly and treat their teenagers with much care during this phase of rebellion. As Abraham Maslow once put it, “Humans have a hierarchy of needs beginning with Love, Self-esteem as well as the psychological needs” Parents who understand this have better relationships with their teenagers than those who do not since they offer better treatment to their kids where necessary.
Mentally ill persons also benefit from the psychology classes since people can analyze their behaviors and provide the appropriate help needed by them to recover their mental health. This is possible due to the lessons taught by the psychology teachers on understanding the thinking difference of various people. These classes also lead to great careers for mental health doctors and nurses who specialize in understanding the mentally ill.
After taking the psychology classes, one can analyze patterns and tell why certain things happen as well as what might happen next. This is useful in solving certain crimes and understanding a criminal mind. The classes also help understand criminals better as they help people improve their communication skills as well as understand the body and sign language used to pass various messages. The communications skills can come in handy when dealing with violent criminals one is not aware of as they may not have been familiar with their works or their settings.

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