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Great Gatsby

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26 May 2015
Great Gatsby
The masterpiece of F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby (1925) sliced out the drastically changed America in the early phase of 1920s also known as ‘roaring twenties’. The economy along with society and culture underwent some significant changes that redefined the importance of United States in the worldwide scenario. Money started blooming all around. Entertainment got a new definition with jazz music. Women won their long battle for suffrage. Moreover, technology in terms of telephone, television, automobiles and others changed the pattern of lifestyle. America became more urban-centric with maximum citizens living in cities. On the other hand the hiatus between classes expanded due to massive capitalism (Luscher et al. 649). Fitzgerald captured these characteristics of the society in the characterization of the novel.
Money plays an important role in this novel since the prime conflict is based on them. Due to World War I, many people who were previously poor or not so wealthy became very much rich with ‘new money’ and some remained rich as before by inheriting ‘old money’. Simultaneously, a great deal of people lost all their fortune and struggled to survive. Fitzgerald delineated class conflict in this scenario. Nick Carraway belongs to middle-class urban society and also the neighbour of an obscenely rich person Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby represents the lavishness of living, a posh lifes…

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