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GMO in India

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Genetically Modified Crops – An Indian Perspective
The development of genetically modified (GM) crops has gained enhanced attention as part of a number of aspects. Scientists belonging to both private as well as public sectors are looking forward to different modification on biotechnological grounds. However, for the industries, it has proved to be a mean for driving massive revenue for their very own firms. For around twenty years of scientific developments, it has been found that the development of massive amount of GMOs has lead towards cost saving of more than $473 millions. However, the problem is the myths surrounding the genetically modified crops in India regarding their harmful and detrimental impacts on the environment. Questions of economic collapse and other environmental issues are at hand and are quite commonly made on vague assumptions rather than scientific proofs. The paper will answer questions to the most common issues that are faced by the general populace and look for answers for research questions.
Literature Review
Natasha Gilbert and Nature Magazine (2015) have pointed out a total of three myths that are surrounding the production and development of genetically modified crops and foods at large. The most severe myth related to it is related to genetically modified cotton is leading towards the suicides of thousands of Indian farmers. The article has mentioned of an int…

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