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Global walming

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Global walming

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Level: High School

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26th October 2015
Global Warming
Background and Burden of Global Warming
Over the past few decades, the average temperature of our earth’s surface has increased steadily. Global warming refers to the increase in average temperature of the earth’s surface over a period (www.solar-center.stanford.edu). It has been speculated, that during the 21st century, the average temperature of the earth’s surface would increase around 0.3 to 1.7-degree centigrade, even with stringent mitigation measures. However, without stringent mitigation measures the expected rise would be around 2.6 to 4.8-degree centigrade (Randel, Shine & Austin D02107).
Data suggests that average temperature of our earth’s surface rose to around 0.85-degree centigrade, during 1880 to 2012. Hence, the predictions and data reflect that rate of global warming has hastened during the present decade, and the anticipated increase is much higher than earlier decades even with the robust mitigation strategies. It is a fact that increases in the average temperature of the earth’s surface are a spontaneous process (Randel, Shine & Austin D02107).
Average surface temperature of the earth indicates land temperatures and ocean temperatures together. Land temperature has been shown to increase much faster than ocean temperature. This is because oceans had a higher heat capacity and increased the p…

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