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Global walming

Name of the Student Professor’s Name Other/So 26th October 2015 Global Warming Background and Burden of Global Warming Over the past few decades, the average temperature of our earth's surface has increased steadily. Global warming refers to the increase in average temperature of the earth's surface over a period ( It has been speculated, that during the 21st century, the average temperature of the earth’s surface would increase around 0.3 to 1.7-degree centigrade, even with stringent mitigation measures. However, without stringent mitigation measures the expected rise would be around 2.6 to 4.8-degree...

Judaism and Christianity

Name Professor Course Date Judaism vs. Christianity Judaism and Christianity come out as two major aspects of religious diversity in the contemporary society. Christianity and Judaism tend to have similar origins, but diverse practices, beliefs, and teachings. The purpose of this research essay is to compare and contrast the basic beliefs of Judaism and Christianity. In the course of achieving this purpose, the essay will focus on the primary focus of each religion, perception of the afterlife, basic rules of the two religions, and major resemblances, as well as differences between Judaism and Christianity. Firstly, the basic belief of Christianity is that Jesus is the Son of God as evident...

Role of Women in Buddhism

Name of Student Name of Supervisor Subject Code 1st May 2015 Role of Women in Buddhism Abstract These days several religionists are claiming that women are given equal rights in their religions. However, to know the fact we just need to look all around us and observe the position of women in various fields and societies. As per Buddhism, considering women as low and inferior is not reasonable at all. According to Samsara, during earlier lives of Buddha he himself took birth as a woman on various occasions. Full freedom was provided by the Buddha to women for practicing a religious life, which with time expanded to various other fields. Hence, the role of women in Buddhism is a significant...

if you wish to bring change to people in USA what it will be

How to Bring Change to People in the United States I strongly consider that the best way to bring change to a country is through education. Education is the mother of all changes. Educated citizens are more prepared to contribute to the country in more ways than uneducated denizens would. However, education in the United States can be a controversial subject, and most governments and media fail to address them accordingly. With these words, I do not mean to diminish the importance of government regarding education. Instead, I aim to show a balanced account of the things government has done, and my suggestions for a change that starts with education. It is known that the American school system...

Gun Control #2

Gun control. Many people around the globe have argued that the solution of terminating violent criminal activities is through clearing more regulation of guns. The significant questions underlying all gun control policy arguments are: Do the laws encourage or deter crime? What is the overall effect? Are more lives helped in the process or lost? Therefore, Anecdotal evidence cannot be applied in this debate. In the United States, citizens have the freedom to handle their personal concealed handgun if they can prove that they do not have a clinical history of critical mental illness or have a criminal profile in the police records. Apparently, this is listed in the constitution, and it is termed as...

Lunar Cycles

Lunar Cycle and Phases of Moon Introduction The experimentation has comprised of observations based on lunar cycles. This phenomenon can be accurately observed by analyzing the position of the earth; Moon and the Sun. Surely, the earth and moon are in continual motion whereas the Sun is considered stationary. This paper will look at different phases of the moon and would provide an explanation for different phenomena’s that occurs as part of a lunar cycle. Causes of Moon Phases There are a number of potential causes; however, the most important one is the relative position of moon and sun with respect to that of the Sun. It can be implied that like any celestial body, the moon also...

Collaborative Filtering and Recommender System in Knowledge Management

Collaborative Filtering Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation During live interactions, techniques enabling discovery of knowledge are used in recommender systems. Their use is normally in solving the issue of recommending information, services or products. This is the concept referred to as collaborative filtering. The systems, particularly the k-nearest neighbor based on collaborative filtering have achieved increasing effectiveness on the Web. The techniques have a critical role of filling in the user-item association matrix’s missing entries. Model-based collaborative filtering is currently supported by MLlib, where the defining of products and users is done by a miniature set of...

physician assisted suicide (pas)

Author’s name Professor’s name Course Date due Physically Assisted Suicide Physician-assisted suicide has been and still one of the major issues in American society. Questions whether a physician can assist a terminally ill patient in committing suicide by prescribing him or her lethal medications and if the act is morally justifiable have split the population for a long time. Physically Assisted Suicide occurs a patient’s death is facilitated by a physician who provides the necessary means or information that enables the patient to carry out a life-ending act (Weir, 12). For some people, the most powerful and persuasive argument that supports suicide concerns increasing people’s...