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Get to Know Your Faculty Paper

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This paper notes a summary of an investigation of a faculty member’s area of research. The faculty member chosen for this paper is Associate Professor John W. Haas. Professor Haas teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses. His areas of specialization include research methods, organizational, and interpersonal communication. Distinguished journals such as Journalism Quarterly, Management Communication Quarterly, and American Behavioral Scientist have published his works. Besides teaching and writing, Haas has also undertaken other duties related to investigation. As an investigator, he has served several US agencies such as the departments of Agriculture and Energy in several capacities. He has also served in a broad range of professional associations as the chairpersons. He holds a doctorial, masters, and bachelor’s degree in organizational communication. The bulk of the paper delineates Dr. Haas’ identified paradigm, research interests, primary research methodology and a summary of some of the interesting findings from his research. The analysis is based on two research articles by John W. Haas.
Keywords: Faculty member, findings, research, paradigm, methodology
Get to Know Your Faculty Paper
Identified Faculty Member: Associate Professor: John W. Haas
Faculty Member’s Identified Paradigm: John W. Haas subscribes to the positivist paradigm. It is imperative to note that this paradigm holds that an objective rea…

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