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Genetic InformationGenetic information is vital to medical management and care, particularly when that information is required as an input in predicting that risk that the patient has for common diseases. This is on the understanding that genetics science and research presents new technology and information that aid the medical services in improving public health outcomes. It is important to remember that disease is the result of interaction between human and environmental factors, as well as genetics. As such, genetic information acts as an important evidence point for making decisions concerning health improvement and disease prevention by forecasting how different individuals with dissimilar genetic makeup will behave under different conditions (Bartlette and Lawson 102; King, Rotter and Matulsky 100). For instance, health professionals use genetic information to predict whether a fetus that is only weeks old will have a birth defect, develop a heart disease or present cancer. In as much as genetic information is important to medical care and management, allocation of significant resources towards the same is not justifiable since it is only useful in some cases and not all cases.
As earlier indicated, genetic information is not useful in all medical cases. This is because not all diseases have some genetic significance. As such, it may not be justifiable to spend considerable medical resources in collecting genetics…

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