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fundamental of nursing

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fundamental of nursing

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Nursing

Level: Academic

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Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing
On a daily basis, several people flock the healthcare facilities seeking to be served. From the reception to the time the client has been fully served, several health practitioners play a significant role in rendering such services as required by the individuals who are seeking help from the healthcare facility. Nurses, for instance, play a meaningful role in the provision of the numerous services offered by the healthcare facilities. Adult care has been determined as one of the specializations that help assist the adults who visit the facilities get the needed assistance (Hilsgen, 2013). The primary focus of this paper is the importance of communication as a concept of nursing and its relevance in offering quality adult care services. The paper will, therefore, proceed with a discussion of the notion of communication in nursing and discussing the significance of the same in the contemporary nursing practices. With all the facts included, on the application of the concept of delivering quality services, it will, therefore, follow that the conclusion on the matter and recommendations on the same will mark the end of the paper’s discussion (Lawrence, Perrin & Kiernan, 2015).
Communication: Description and Its Relevance
With communication, the interaction between individuals is established, and even the relation created maintained. Communication, therefore, is defined as …

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