Feminist Criticism Revision

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Feminist Criticism Revision

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Feminist Criticism
Feminism is a program that is against females’ inferiority with the intention of bringing equality between the men and women. The feminists are trying to shed lights upon the women; this has been of great significance to the historical contribution that had been neglected for long. Regarding this, feminists are striving to make females aware to get out of their invisible position through their continued protest works. Feminists are literary criticizing the deconstruct works by men that has been for a long time been promoting the ideology of men dominance over the women. Feminist criticism is distributing the uncertainties of self-righteous of the male-controlled culture and creating reduced oppressive climate among women readers and writers (Rosenfelt and Newton, 79). Men have written literary texts for themselves and also on behalf the female, and this has therefore made men more powerful through them strengthening their ideologies within the literary texts.
As a result, of this, it has made them dominate women and also proven to be of more worthiness than their counterparts the female folks. For instance, women are now being looked at as objects while their counterparts the men are thought to subject. Feminists are deconstructing these texts that are now outdated by showing the readers that these ideologies were just but merely made by men as they are not biological but only socially built on. Also, feminism movement, however, does not confine itself within literary texts, but it also concerned with economics, religion, and political influence. The main reason of the Feminist critics is to uncover the emergencies of gender as a social, political and cultural instrument of supremacy and construction.
Through the feminist’s critics such as De Beauvoir help the reader to understand that “no one is born a woman- one becomes one” in accordance to this it is true that feminist and masculinity are not natural but are just tied on sociality. In the beginning, feminism has paid an important role in the right to vote for a female character in a similar way as their counterparts the men. As a result, during this period most of the middle-class women started gaining interest in the public job Dominion in the World War I. Furthermore, after this period more females have been seen venture broadly in advancement in the social and economic equality, career, their solely right to vote, not forgetting the right of determining their personal lives separately from the men. Contrary the third group of the feminism came up and criticized the previous group of feminists, claiming that they were not fully feminists but were only women with universal feelings, experience, and backgrounds. With the third group of feminist, it revolutionized resulting to other feminist groups arising (Eagleton, 189). As a consequence, of the different feminist groups, it led to discussions that brought light in various experiences and hindrances globally.
Through examining of the poem “purchasing of the whore” according to Sexton (Criticism of Literary-Feminist), it is evident that the poem is all about letting the reader get to understand that the poem is addressing a prostitute from the philosophical point of view. A prostitute is known for selling herself to men to earn a living. However, this kind of service is demining as its returns are meager. It is seen that even though the poet is a female, the person who happens to be a man is humiliating the whore. In accordance to the feminist looks at this as a reality that most male will undermine females as a weaker sex; in the poem “purchasing the whore” when looked at from the feminist point of view clearly express the whore as being objectified as she is not treated as a subject and in possession of feelings.
In my regard, I concur with the poet that to some point the Feminism has not been of any significance in bringing out the meaning of the poem “Purchasing a whore.” The feminist, on the other hand, helps in outlining the oppression women undergo by bringing out to light, therefore, have provided rejoicing in the female writers among their literary assistances. Through feminism, it brings out the need for equality by addressing the importance of avoiding sexism homilies more so in the literary context. Women have tremendously gained through this movement (Eagleton, 245).
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