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Feminist Criticism Revision

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Feminist Criticism Revision

Category: Application Letter

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

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Words: 550

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Feminist Criticism
Feminism is a program that is against females’ inferiority with the intention of bringing equality between the men and women. The feminists are trying to shed lights upon the women; this has been of great significance to the historical contribution that had been neglected for long. Regarding this, feminists are striving to make females aware to get out of their invisible position through their continued protest works. Feminists are literary criticizing the deconstruct works by men that has been for a long time been promoting the ideology of men dominance over the women. Feminist criticism is distributing the uncertainties of self-righteous of the male-controlled culture and creating reduced oppressive climate among women readers and writers (Rosenfelt and Newton, 79). Men have written literary texts for themselves and also on behalf the female, and this has therefore made men more powerful through them strengthening their ideologies within the literary texts.
As a result, of this, it has made them dominate women and also proven to be of more worthiness than their counterparts the female folks. For instance, women are now being looked at as objects while their counterparts the men are thought to subject. Feminists are deconstructing these texts that are now outdated by showing the readers that these ideologies were just but merely made by men as they are not biological but only socially bui…

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