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Family Assessment

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Family Assessment

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Social Work

Level: Academic

Pages: 8

Words: 2200

Family Assessment
Student’s Name
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Family Assessment
Family description
The family examined in this dissertation is a blended family that includes a father, a stepmother and three children. Derick is the name of the father who is currently aged 50 years, and the stepmother is called cate and she is 48 years old. Among the three children are one male by the name of Elijah and two females by the names of Melisa and Esther. Melisa is the oldest amongst her siblings, and she is 24 years old. Derick is her biological father, and she is a step sister to Elijah and Esther. Elijah is 20 years old but married, and her younger sister is only four years younger than him. Cate is the biological mother of the last two children. Melissa’s mum passed away during her teenage due to a fatal car accident. She also had a younger brother who was only six years younger than her, but she also perished during the accidents. Cate had divorced from her earlier marriage due to alcoholism and infidelity of her former spouse. Derick and his current wife met ten years ago during a corporate meeting since they worked for the same organization. Because Cate cannot do much of the housework, there is a house help in the family who does many chores.
Profile of each family member 
The father is now a prominent business person who runs an enormous local restaurant. He terminated his employment after her wife Cate was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. Cate, therefore, ceas…

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