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Fairy Tale/ Fable

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A fairy tale/ fable with the lesson of treat others how you want to be treated
Fairy tale/fable is a short story with a moral aspect or teaching at the end. The stories are instrumental as they create awareness on diverse issues including how people should relate, the virtue of helping, the importance of honesty, why people should treat each other better and why it is necessary for people to do good all the times. The teachings contribute in transforming and shaping behavior, character, personality and perception of individuals on diverse issues relating to life. This paper presents a fairy tale depicting the story between the Turtle and the Beaver. The tale is titled “Turtle races with Beaver”. It focuses on the theme “treat others as you would want to be treated”.
Treat others as you would want to be treated
The tale titled “Turtles races with Beaver” depicts the greediness of the Beaver who focuses on throwing away Turtle from his house. He is seen scheming to take the pond that he has not contributed in developing and does not belong to him. He strives to achieve this using his physical strength and skills in diverse aspects such as swimming and racing. This is evident as he denies Turtle the opportunity to access the pond again despite having lived there for long. The act against Turtle is unfair and the Beaver would not like someone to take over his home the same way in reality
According to the facts, Turtle lived in t…

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