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Evidence based Practice

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Evidence based Practice

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Evidence-Based Practice
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Evidence-based Practice
As per the windshield survey conducted recently, Hudson New York is a neighborhood associated with challenging health concerns. Inhabitants of this area have numerous concerns regarding disease prevention and health promotion that need to be implemented to reduce the number of deaths resulting from preventable diseases. This involves an in-depth assessment of the factors that contribute to health inequalities to populations. From the Windshield survey, there were three health concerns; the risk of high alcohol consumption because of many bars which is linked to liver cirrhosis and high crimes rates, Lyme disease due to wooded neighborhoods, and high rates of obesity because of resident’s lifestyles, for instance, driving to work. Obesity can trigger other conditions like high blood pressure. Hudson residents need awareness in matters regarding health behaviors, for example, sedentary lifestyles which cause diabetes (Ewing, Meakins, Hamidi & Nelson, 2014). This can be carried out with the help of newsletters and mass media campaigns. Similarly, the population needs to be educated on matters regarding disease prevention as this empower behavior change. Healthcare practitioners should play a role in policymaking as it matters a lot in disease prevention and health promotion.
Statistics for the health concern
As per the CDC, 260 counties across the United States reported some…

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