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Ethical dilemma

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Ethical dilemma

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Ethics

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Ethical Dilemma
In this dilemma, Jeremy should tell his father to see a financial planner/investment advisor. It is a complicated choice that requires a balance between work ethics and personal relationships. As a bank auditor for an accounting firm, it is expected of Jeremy to adhere to the code of ethics of his work and organizational expectations including values, beliefs, goals, and norms as well as problem-solving approaches that guide various personal, interpersonal and professional aspects such as interactions, information sharing, and communication. The audit results for MetBank should be treated as confidential information that should only be disclosed to authorized parties only including the auditing firm and the bank management for further action. However, Jeremy having divulged the dwindling financial position of the bank to his father, he should advise him to see a financial planner or investment advisor who would assess the Bank’s financial status and give an independent opinion. Moreover, these individuals are considered experts in financial advice and investments. Thus, they are in a better position than Jeremy to advise accordingly (Miller 64).
This choice of action has both positive and negative consequences. If Jeremy’s father stops to be a shareholder in the Bank based on external advice, it will not only save him from incurring losses but also protects Jeremy against the accusation of disclosing conf…

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