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Environmental Studies

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Environmental Studies

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All college students should take Environmental Studies
Environmental Study is an academic field that is multidisciplinary in nature and involves the learning of interaction of humans with their surroundings. It integrates the principles of social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, and engineering. The major objective of studying this field is to acquire the necessary knowledge that enhances the development of skills that are applied to solve environment-related challenges. This helps in protecting the natural resources that are at risk of extinction if environmental degradation continues at the current rate. It is of the essence that all college students should take Environmental Studies.
Currently, the world faces many environment-related challenges among them global warming and a threat of extinction of various specials of animals and plants. Global warming relates to the gradual increase of the world’s temperature due to rise in the quantities of carbon dioxide resulting from the greenhouse effect. It causes the ice at Greenland and at the mountain peaks to melt and subsequently increase the ocean levels putting the human home at risk. With the destruction of the environment, inhabitants are forced out of their ancestral home. Some of these organisms cannot survive in other environments except where they are used, and their existence is put at risk including that of humankind. This is because of outbreaks of decreases that relate to…

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