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Educational Technology use among home-schooled students and its effect on academic achievement

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Educational Technology use among home-schooled students and its effect on academic achievement

Category: Thesis Proposal

Subcategory: Education

Level: PhD

Pages: 8

Words: 2200

Homeschooling and the effect on ACT composite scores
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Educational Technology use among homeschooled students and its effect on academic achievement
Part one:
Technology and the impact it has had in all aspects of human life is profound. Technology continues to redefine the business landscape with the growth and expansion of e-commerce. However, even though little has been discussed concerning the impact technology has had on education, it goes without saying that technology is at the heart of educational practices and learning. Technology facilitates learning and continues to shape the education system in terms of instructional practices and available learning resources. Homeschooling as a schooling concept has been available for generations. However, since the 1980s, its popularity has been growing and an estimated two million students in the United States alone are going through the homeschooling system. With the growth of popularity of e-learning, especially in higher institutions of learning, the e-learning culture will soon be integrated into the educational systems for the younger generations. Recent research continues to reveal that educational technology has a major impact on the learning of the homeschooled children as well as those in the public learning institutions (Biagi & Loi, 2013). A lot of discussions have been centered on the level of preparedness of homeschooled children when comparing their performance…

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