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Does the Divorce of Parents Harm Their Children

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Does the Divorce of Parents Harm Their Children

Category: Article

Subcategory: Psychology

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Does the Divorce of Parents Harm their Children?

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Does the Divorce of Parents Harm their Children?
A man and a woman come to a consensus based on a relationship they have nurtured for some time to settle down and establish a family. After that, they bear children as a symbol of growth and unity in the marriage. They offer the necessary support, care and protection to their children, educating them on various aspects as they develop emotionally, psychologically, socially and physically. Children depend on the two parents for their wellbeing as each plays a substantial role in their development. However, there are cases where the relation between the parents turns sour. Parents may fail to accommodate each other, leading to major differences that may affect the wellbeing of the children. They may decide to terminate their marriage through a divorce to avoid future engagement. Civil measures are incorporated to determine the custody of the children among other issues. Divorce means that the children will be under the care of a single parent and will not reap the benefits they previously enjoyed. Does divorce of parents harm their children? The answers to the question forms the discussion of this paper. There are pros and cons as identified by researchers in the field of psychology. The discussion will systematically evaluate the pros and cons, determine a stand in the debate and assess how the findings can be appli…

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