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DB2 SOC: answer the following questions in essay form

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DB2 SOC: answer the following questions in essay form

Category: Expository Essay

Subcategory: Sociology

Level: College

Pages: 1

Words: 275

ReligionMany social science pieces of research show that religion and religious engagement correlates positively with the psychological well-being of a given individual. Religion fosters happiness to individuals who are more religious than the non-religious counterparts. It has a beneficial relationship with the adjustment of the psychology of a person. In a given society, religion has an impact on the final, level of the development of an individual psychologically. It is related to less psychological distress, more satisfaction in life and also fosters a better sense of self-actualization where one realizes their full potential. Religion brings the feeling of fulfillment of basic needs and mental needs through ensuring and fostering self-actualization.
Karl Marx sees religion as being similar to other social institutions. He thinks religion depends upon the material and the economic realities available for a given context in a community. He argued that religion is a product of many forces brought together, rather than being just an independent history owner. He further claimed that religion reflects the real world in a reflex manner. Marx had this opinion that religion is an illusion with reason to keep society functioning. He thought it is irrational that worship does not recognize reality, negates all dignities of human and it sides with oppressors thus hypocritical.
Religion for most people is through faith and lessons that are held to be true. It teaches morals, values and beliefs for behavior evaluation. Belief amounts to believing in superstition where all are misleading to deviate from the reality. Religion creates illusory fantasies for a majority of the believers. Realities prevent them from finding true happiness and religion tells them they will find it in the next life. Through its messages, religion exercises power over the believers exerting social control on the larger scale. Religion gives a technique that supports social parameters of a happy mood.
Boundless.(n.d.).Sociology: Chapter 14: Religion. Retrieved from https://www.boundless.com/sociology/textbooks/boundless-sociology-textbook/religion-14/

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