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Computer Forensics Tools

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Computer Forensics Tools

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Computer Forensics Tools
There are many different tools available to forensic investigators. Among them are Digital forensics framework, Open computer forensics architecture and SANS investigative forensics toolkit.
Digital Forensics Framework
This is used in the digital forensics and is a platform that is commonly available. It is licensed under the GPL as a popular platform which is an open source tool. Digital Forensics Framework was designed and created by three people namely Solal Jacob, Frédéric Beguelin, and Jérémy Mounier. Both the professionals and those with no expertise can easily use this tool without much trouble (Infosec Institute, para5). It has multiple usages including custody of digital chain and accessing local or remote devices. Other uses involve recovering the deleted files hidden, Linux OS or Windows forensics, searching of metadata of files in a quick mode and many other elements.
Open Computer Forensics Architecture (OCFA)
This is an open source computer forensics tool that is popularly distributed. The Linux platform allowed the building of this framework by the Dutch National Police Agency (Infosec Institute, para7). The framework stores data using the PostgreSQL database. The primary use involves automating the process of digital forensic so that the whole process of investigation is sped up (Infosec Institute, para6). This automation also allows tactical investigators to access directly by using the brow…

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