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Communication Admission Essay

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Communication Admission Essay

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Communication

Level: University

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Discussion Week 3

Discussion Week 3
Organizational change may produce anxiety and uncertainty within the place of work. Most employees tend to prefer the status quo to remain rather than changes being introduced since they may feel that they may lose their sense of security. When changes are introduced, numerous reactions follow and they are mostly unpredictable and immense. Moreover, when changes are introduced every single employee is likely to be affected by the changes. Consequently, there are strategies that may be employed to limit the impact of changes within the organization and the associated anxiety. The strategy includes understanding the current state of the organization and in the process of identifying the challenges faced and dealt with in the order of importance (Miller, 2013). Secondly, it is important to envision in a competent manner and prepare a proper layout of the desired future of the organization. It involves creating a mental picture of the ideal situation once the implementation of the changes has been completed and outlining the vision to everyone to ensure that they understand what they may be facing in future. The transition that is taken by the organization should incorporate a sense of stability as well (Miller, 2013). Some aspects such as the mission of the organization and the personnel must not be changed at once. Finally, the changes must be implemented in an orderly manner implying that the transition should be car…

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