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College life. How it is compared to what you thought it would be like

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College life. How it is compared to what you thought it would be like

Category: Character Analysis Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

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College Life; How It Is Compared To What You Thought It Would Be Like.
Throughout high school, we have been fed with the idea that college would be one of the best years of an individual’s life. Pizza on school nights. Frisbee throws in the quad. Frat boys clad in boat shoes. These were just a few among the long list of the most ridiculous and stereotypical ideas that I had about college life just six days into the commencement of my freshman year. However, amidst the broken myths was immense adjustments and shock; not being able to immediately discover me in the social scene. This paper will cover this fact along with others to compare and contrast college life versus the ideology I had of it.
Before I joined college, almost everyone informed me that these were going to be the finest years of my entire life; I would get to meet new acquaintances whom would feel like soulmates, and I would never forget. While these ideologies started to sound like a broken record, they helped me as they reassured every morsel of anxiety I had and made me optimistic about going to college. However, when I joined college, these stories began to sound like an over-sold dream; the reality was not as good as it was painted. Most of the people were already arranged in their groups and joining one seemed a hard task. Every time I walked around the campus, I would be in awe of the number of students travelling in groups of five to seven people. This made me…

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