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Close reading essay on “Richard III” by William Shakespeare

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Close reading essay on “Richard III” by William Shakespeare

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Richard III by William Shakespeare
Richard III, during the War of the Roses between 1455 and 1845, had the determination of gaining the throne that his brother, Edward IV, occupied. It is an inarguable fact that one of the most important and mandatory recipes of gaining the possession of the throne or Kingship (power) is by first having the determination and interest of doing so. Richard III says “I would be King Buckingham” (Shakespeare 52). Naturally, it is often true that we become who proclaim and believe. The belief and proclamations of what one wants to become is dependent on what one says about himself or herself. Words have power, and what we proclaim and announce about ourselves through words is usually what we become and is frequently fueled by determination. Therefore, by the virtue of being determined to become the King, it is clearly evident that Richard III has proved to be the rightful heir of the Kingship throne.
He, Richard III, does everything humanly possible with the primary aim of ensuring that he becomes the person to take the throne from his brother. First, he manages to turn his brother, Edward, whom he is to inherit the throne from, against the Clarence’s Duke. Clarence, being the potential threat who could have challenged him (Richard) in taking the Kingship throne, and then gets imprisoned on the treason charges in the Tower. Second, he succeeds in convincing Buckingham and Hasting that the person to be blame…

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