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Clinical Information System Implementation and Evaluation Plan

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Clinical Information System Implementation and Evaluation Plan

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Clinical Information System Implementation and Evaluation Plan
The clinic information system will be implemented according to the pilot strategy. It will be introduced in phases until it finally takes full control. The implementation process will include three phases which include a first phase consisting of the patient registration module, the second phase meant to cover ward allocation to patients and the final phase which will cover all other procedures involving patient monitoring.
All these phases will be implemented together with the manual system in parallel to prevent information loss in case of a failure. After a step has been introduced, the evaluation process will begin immediately. The functionality of the system will be evaluated in reference to the user requirements. When an error is discovered, corrective maintenance will start immediately.
Regulatory and Ethical Practices
Data security and integrity must be considered in the development of any system. First, the system must provide user authentication mechanism which will ensure that only the authorized users view data. Physical security of the server must also be put into consideration. On the time of introduction, the users of the system should receive basic education on how the system works. Data should be stored safely and encrypted to prevent any unauthorized access. Regular backups must be taken and kept in a secure location. Finally, auditing should be done once…

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