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chapter 13

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chapter 13

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Chapter 13
To manage difficult behavior effectively, it is critical to remember that all behavior serves a purpose.
According to research, what are the four primary purposes of challenging behavior? To acquire desired item or event; to avoid a situation; to flee from an undesired event, object, or demand; to see functions.
What is the formal process for evaluating the factors influencing behavior to understand why a challenging behavior is occurring? Functional Behavioral Analysis.
What are the six suggestions for being prepared for problem behavior? Ruling out ailment or pain; establishing constancy and expectedness; creating a calm atmosphere; praising appropriate behaviors; utilizing “Do” statements; keeping perspective.
What is the overarching goal for positive behavior support (PBS)? To improve children’s quality of life.
When an aversive condition is identified, minimizing the frequency, intensity, and the duration of the condition can help reduce the child’s reactive behaviors.
What are the seven suggestions for preventing challenging behavior? Minimizing aversive events; sharing control; providing an environment that promotes successful engagement; increasing communication effectiveness; clarifying expectations; supporting regulation; matching demands to abilities (Watling 377-378).
According to Horner et al. (2002), what are the three reasons to use simple language to increase communication ef…

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