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Case Study

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Case Study

Category: Case Study

Subcategory: Bioengineering

Level: High School

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Words: 550

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Case Study
Value or worth of an asset determines the potential and productivity. From the schemes of the company, Mr. Lube’s asset provides a secure indemnity to profitable strategies and resources and this, therefore, raises the value of the entity regarding the price (Tone 161). Thus, concerning the estimation of the cost, the figures match the potential of the business as from the progressive records that indicate a constant success through the products and management of the company. Also, the iconic position of the organization in Canada increases the value of the asset and therefore, in my opinion, the price by the management of the company is just for the business.
Since the beginning of the company’s operation that is, in 1976, the company have proven the potential of its schemes through the determination of the workers and education of the employees on the quality product creation. Through the operation, the organization has maintained the profitability and has elevated to greater heights that is up to 170 store. The daily income of the affiliate sections consistently feeds the parent company and still raises the company’s icon thus revealing the potential of the company. Besides, part of the management skills through the transaction will train and integrate the new managing towards the success of the new scheme of operation (Tone 161). So, the above notions affect my stand on the fairness of the valuation…

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