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book of Exodus Chapters 6-8

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book of Exodus Chapters 6-8

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Book of Exodus Chapters 6-8
The book of Exodus has a lot regarding the relationship that God had in Moses and his brother Aaron. In chapter 6 God gives Moses an assurance that everything is going to be alright for the Israelites and thus he needs not to worry. He gives a promise that the Patriarchs covenant will be fulfilled, and the Israelites will get the land of Canaan, which is Jordan currently. God in his own way makes things look like a freedom fight. At first, his basic idea of having the Israelites into the wilderness is so that they could worship Him but He later changes His mind and decides to free them from the bondage of slavery in Egypt. This is a truly big job. This chapter is a big genealogy between the two brothers Moses and Aaron. They are given a street creed in the universal Bible. This is not just a simple idea of turning a community from its poverty to riches. Their family matters and the demonstration that Aaron and Moses are not just some random guys is a truly big deal. The writers of the Bible have also gained a lot of power in writing about them.
God shows up to Moses and tells him that he is like a god to Pharaoh, and his brother Aaron will be his prophet. This does not necessarily mean that he was made a god literally but he was just given divine powers. God again makes sure that Pharaoh is stubborn so that the Egyptians can witness His power. Aaron’s staff magically turns into a snake and the Egyptian’s …

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