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Assignment Choice #1: Research Populations Affected

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Assignment Choice #1: Research Populations Affected

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Biology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Research on population affected by drug and alcohol abuse
Student’s name
Drug and alcohol abuse among Colorado College students
Drug and alcohol abuse is a common aspect among young adults in all communities. Studies show that the trend of the drug overdose and binge alcohol consumption has reached alarming levels among college students in Colorado and other states in America. The population of college students, commonly is composed of people aged between 18-25 years. Drug abuse is the habitual consumption of drugs of addiction which are in most cases illegal, while alcohol use refers to routine misuse of alcohol. Most of these college students live with their parents, some live is school residential facilities while others live off -campus. Most arrest by the federal police is over drugs by college students. The use of drugs like cocaine and alcohol are main causes for rehab contributing up to 5.5% of total admissions (Matheson & McGrath, n.d.). 80% of drug and alcohol abuse cases are directly linked to college students in Colorado(Matheson & McGrath, n.d.). Male students are the most affected as compared to female students. For every five male students 4 have at least used a drug or alcohol, ad for every five female students, three have used drugs or alcohol.
The symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse are classified into physical, psychological, and behavioral. Once a drug or alcohol is abuse, there is alteration on the mental pattern. For…

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