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Assignment Choice #1: Research Populations Affected

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Assignment Choice #1: Research Populations Affected

Category: Critical Thinking

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Level: College

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Research on population affected by drug and alcohol abuse
Student’s name
Drug and alcohol abuse among Colorado College students
Drug and alcohol abuse is a common aspect among young adults in all communities. Studies show that the trend of the drug overdose and binge alcohol consumption has reached alarming levels among college students in Colorado and other states in America. The population of college students, commonly is composed of people aged between 18-25 years. Drug abuse is the habitual consumption of drugs of addiction which are in most cases illegal, while alcohol use refers to routine misuse of alcohol. Most of these college students live with their parents, some live is school residential facilities while others live off -campus. Most arrest by the federal police is over drugs by college students. The use of drugs like cocaine and alcohol are main causes for rehab contributing up to 5.5% of total admissions (Matheson & McGrath, n.d.). 80% of drug and alcohol abuse cases are directly linked to college students in Colorado(Matheson & McGrath, n.d.). Male students are the most affected as compared to female students. For every five male students 4 have at least used a drug or alcohol, ad for every five female students, three have used drugs or alcohol.
The symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse are classified into physical, psychological, and behavioral. Once a drug or alcohol is abuse, there is alteration on the mental pattern. For instance drugs when using cocaine there is an increased production of dopamine in the brain, which leads to pleasure (“Signs and Symptoms..” n.d.). The brain will compel you to repeat the same act to bring about pleasure, the same happens to other drugs and this leads to addiction. Changes in brain functioning, leads to poor thinking that leads to dropping grades for college students. One is unable to control their behavior and end up with unprotected sexual behavior (Mendelson, 2014). Once on drugs and driving under the influence, road accidents are likely to occur. Victims experiences hallucination and portray funny behaviors. They may start running or talking by themselves assuming someone is after or with them. Cases of sudden weight gain or loss are common. The Victim experiences unexplained changes in personality, with the change in sleeping patterns.
The main cause of drug and alcohol abuse among Colorado college students, is the social aspect. Many students crave for social acceptance, to elevate their moods especially alcohol that is assumed to raise confidence. The most abused drugs apart from alcohol is marijuana and cocaine. A report by the national institute of drug abuse issued last year, reported that those drugs were cheaply accessible to prompt usage. Other drugs abused due to accessibility are prescription drugs like pills that relief depression(Matheson & McGrath, n.d.). Denver community experiences the same challenge with college student population abusing drugs and alcohol. Their approach to the problem is managing prescription drugs issuance to the young adult user as control is their strategy. Pharmacist are required to give drugs only after they have been handed a medical prescription receipt.
Cure and prevention
Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse cases follow designed programs rather than the prescription of drugs like in typhoid cases. The cure starts by detoxification programs, withdrawal is managed medically and the first phase of treatment is accomplished. Detoxification is meant to clear the contents of the drug within the body to avoid any physical impairment. The next level is a residential treatment, where the victim interacts with a therapeutic community. Abuse of drugs leads to addiction and this is manifested in psychological, social and behavioral deficits (Mendelson, 2014). The therapeutic is designed in a way that all the deficits are mended. Once the gaps in victim’s life have been fixed, the person is released for family therapy. Prevention will be promoted by education against the use of the drug on media and improving school policies on drugs and alcohol usage. Tolerance for alcohol usage in school student for the over 21 years have been noted to create a portal for other drugs usage.
In conclusion drug and alcohol abuse fight, can never be won if fought by the government alone (Jackson, 2012). Individual, community and institutional collaboration can be applied in the straggle.
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