Analysis of a contentious case pertaining to human rights.

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Analysis of a contentious case pertaining to human rights.

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Human rights are the primary rights and freedoms that the person is entitled to. Every individual are entitled to the right to life, liberty, freedom, and equal treatment before the law. Human right symbolizes entitlement of a person to a group versus the government, and also the person responsibility and the authorities of the state. Human rights are related to terrorism as it distresses both the victims and the perpetrators. In the act of terrorism, the person who is innocent suffers and assault on their most fundamental rights of right to live in harmony and rights for security (Pinker, 2011). In a country, some of the political violence in war, state, and non-state terrorism, and counter-terrorism tend to make the innocent person be denied the right to security.
To destroy the act of terrorism so that to mention the human rights, the society should take a step to study the causes, main selections, and the cost of terrorism. The society should also explain the history outline of terrorism and explain how the it has progressed over time. In the United States, before the terrorist act took place, the topic of terrorism had already merged in the national discussion. Terrorism is unstated as a type of violence that violate the human rights. In order for the United States of America to secure economic and security interest in their country the used terrorism that helped them to raise the financial state. The United States is a democratic state the use of the terrorism did not make it anti-democratic, although they were involved in the act of terrorism, the had morals and respected the human right accordingly. Most probably, using the state terrorism does not make a country antidemocratic but it make it reduce in self-governing according to respect human rights moral reason.
The global war and terror attack and the increased development of more severe count-terrorism pain inclined the issue of human freedom and terrorism into a higher level. This act had happened in many of the countries that had joined an associate in the global merge to bring down the terrorist activity (Bielsa, 2009). The human rights should be protected in the country, so the to ensure that every individual enjoys the freedom. In some country us the act of terrorism to intensify their crackdown on the political opponent, this action bring the religious separation and pointlessly preventing and penalizing the policies against refugee and other foreigners.
The states should give the priority to rights of the individual and act against unlawful violence to help defend the innocent people against terrorist attack. The best way to prevent terrorism is struggling for human right in all the country and to punish the terrorism and understand the other progress to take. The slender beginning of the act of terrorism is suited to be the best in the moral investigation. It very clear that the terrorism that aim at the innocent people is more difficult to justify than terrorism that attack people who cannot maintain the innocence of injustice at issues. Although the terrorism is understood as the violence against innocent, sometimes the innocent people may be the wrong in their act, the act that the terrorist are fighting against.
Terrorism is considered in the society as a social occurrence threat that create a political atmosphere within the terrorist investigation, where the political necessities interfere with the investigation objectives. In traditionally the control of the criminology has to find out the rights balance between the terrorism investigation and the political needs. The experience of criminology can help in studying the terrorism and the image in social threats. Many criminologist has act injustice when the approach the condemned crime such as terrorism with a value-free approach rather than that of problem-solving
The distribution of power and wealth equally  in the states creates less authority. The reason that make a country be terrorized is failing in the innovation. Most of the community fails to attain the material and wealth growth worldly, and self-governing society. These failures in innovation results in poverty, political instability, violence and terrorism in the community. The lack of change generates a state of city disorder and rural warlords in which the terrorist can meet, hid and prepared for the act of terrorism (Ranstorp , 2008). The colonialist used power and terror in order to dominate the countries in the post-colonial area.
To effective fight of terrorism, the respect of human right is seen as an obstacle, especially where the democracies encounter difficulties in fighting terrorism. The implementation of anti-terror law can be applicable in helping the country to fight terrorism.

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