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Admission Essay 5

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Admission Essay 5

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medical Science

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Admission Essay

Two of my personal qualities that I strongly believe are my level of involvement and quest for innovation. Right from childhood I always tried out ways and means to find out solutions to various issues. I exhibited such behavior within my family settings or in my school settings or in my community settings. I have always been a hardworking person and have a proven academic track record. I received merit certificates for achieving 9.2 CGPA in my 6th and 10th grades. I always wanted to help out academically weak students in my schooldays and was appreciated by my peers and teachers.

However, I had a dream to innovate something that could expedite the process of academics in weak students. An opportunity opened before me when my uncle (who incidentally was the owner of snap homework. inc) introduced me to the “Snaphomework”. It was a mobile app that extended from classroom to home settings. I was the first beta tester for the app and recognizing the usefulness and applicability of the app, I decided to add more innovations to the app. To help out such cause I started working as a marketing intern in the organization. My job profile was to research various schools and had them on board to use the app, through email marketing.

It is exciting and encouraging to highlight, that presently I have been successful in getting more than 200 schools on board and the number of users has crossed thirty thousand already. When I receive the comments of various parents regard…

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