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academic probation explanation

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academic probation explanation

Category: Article

Subcategory: Medical Science

Level: College

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Words: 550

Academic probation explanation
Dear Sir,
I take the opportunity to express my regrets as I request for a readmission to the GSU. I don’t take this request for granted because my initial decision was a big hindrance to achieving my dream. Things had to happen this way because I had not taken my stand of my decisions and I included my father in most of my decisions. My main aim of this letter is to explain the reason that led to me dropping out of the school before accomplishing the GSU training.
Parents are very influential people in lives of their children. I would not blame my parents that much, however, my dad to be specific, seemed to have misguided me. He had his interests of me. On one hand, he thought he was offering a helping hand while, on the other hand, he was determining my future with a scale that was not worth it. I had joined the GSU with an aim to pursue a course leading to Physical therapy in which I had a great interest. I liked the course because it deals with rehabilitation that corrects any impairment in the body especially the limbs and joints. Therapy improves mobility and physical fitness of the body. I would, therefore, be a therapist with passion in my work. The course also included research and management that in addition to all were my points of strength. I did not want to disappoint my father.
It was not until my father decided to pull me out of the GSU. It was an ordeal not…

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