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A case study on mindfulness training effects for parents and educators of children with special needs

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A case study on mindfulness training effects for parents and educators of children with special needs

Category: Research Paper

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

In caregiving for children with special needs, parents and teachers face unique social and emotional problems as they perform their duties. These challenges lead to stress that affects not only their parenting and teaching quality but also their health and wellbeing. Mindful training (MT) for the parents and the educators has not been researched upon to assess its capacity to relieve this stress to improve their welfare and promote their caregiving. A mind training program was carried out for five weeks for parents and educators to assess it a capacity to reduce stress, improve well-being and ultimately lead to better outcomes in caregiving for the special need. The mindful training was adequate since educators and parents in the MT program, exhibited increased levels of mindfulness, reduced amount of stress and anxiety among other signs and these were in contrast to those participants in the control section (Rita, Tom, & Sari, 2012). MT is effective in influencing the wellbeing positively, caregiving outcome and well-being for parents and children with developmental challenges.

Children with various developmental challenges need multifaceted intervention from various healthcare providers to parents. In their caregiving, a lot of patience is required that arises from being mindfulness. Parents and educators are among the important therapist that the special needs children require, but they are exposed to stress that hinder their performance in their…

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