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Water Resource Sustainability Plan

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Water Resource Sustainability Plan

Category: Critical Essay

Subcategory: Environment

Level: College

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Water Sustainability Plan
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Water Sustainability Plan
Water is a precious commodity that sustains the growth of plants, survival of animals and human beings. The conservation of water is essential and mandatory for the current and future generations to enable their sustainability. Fresh water found in rivers and lakes provide an adequate supply to the residents of a given region. Efficient management of the resource requires a comprehensive approach and involvement of the stakeholders (Seneviratne, 2007). The major challenges facing the sustainability of a lake in my locality are pollutants, risk of drying up and lack of a clear policy on the access and use of the resource.
Lake X is a fresh water source that has been vital in the livelihood of the people in the region. Research indicates that the resource is now under severe threat from pollution. Pollution stems from the industrial complex in the area, chemicals from the farmlands that rely on rivers flowing into the lake and garbage. The aftermath of these menace is that the water in the lake is slowly turning poisonous making it unfit for consumption by human beings and animals (Natural Resources Defense Council, 2015). In addition, there has been a tremendous reduction in the number of living organisms such as fish in the lake due to the negative implications.
To clean up the mess, it is essential that the local residents, authorities, and businesses join hands. There i…

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