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Thomas Cole

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Thomas Cole

Category: Critical Thinking

Subcategory: Art

Level: College

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Painting Criticism and Analysis: Thomas Cole
Undoubtedly, the Industrial Revolution reshaped the world. Starting from England, and spreading to the rest of Europe and America, the revolution brought a new paradigm of existence, shifting the views of people, from a naturalistic view to a mechanization of the forms. Based on the new technologies, the industrial revolution changed the focus of the existence out of the human, to the machine, and romantic painting is the intend to bring the nature back, steering away from the cerebral conventions of the philosophy of the Enlightenment and embracing nature as the form of understanding the mysteries of life.
During Thomas Cole activity period, a myriad of events changed the configuration of the country, bringing new stimuli and experiences to the painter. For instance, the Black Hawk War, along with the Texas War for Independence broaden the frontier of the country, expanding it to the West and exposing all the Americans to the sheer greatness and beauty of the American West.
As a result of this expansion, painting and the paintable subjects changed; giving birth to the American Romantic period. American Romanticism is a term used to separate the regional American diversification of the Romantic period. The American variant, as the movement it stems from, aimed to intersect various philosophical; political and artistic movements occurring during the America…

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