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The roles of Security dimensions of eu enlargement

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The roles of Security dimensions of eu enlargement

Category: Thesis

Subcategory: International

Level: Academic

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Words: 1100

The roles of Security dimensions of EU enlargement
International relations are currently being reshaped by the world political landscape. There are currently new forms of power that are coming from Russia, which wants to get back its role as a global factor that is vital. Other powers are also re-emerging from Asia while the previous alliances and powers are critically being affected by the ongoing debates on the best way to deal with the strategic environment that is fast changing. The key alliances of security, which are, NATO and the whole of the transatlantic relations are trying to come to terms with the various consequences that might arise from the new processes of enlargement. Further, the relationships between the Atlantic allies are also changing to partners who have a common goal. The security dimensions in the EU enlargement have made it possible for new ventures to be undertaken to ensure stability, peace, market economy, democracy, and prosperity.
Democracy and Prosperity
The increased numbers of the EU has led to economic growth, prosperity, and democracy to nations that are coming from dictatorial regions. Democracy of the states has been paramount in EU, and there have been various regulations that have been set for new entrants to maintain it in the coming years (Koff 400). The EU places more importance to the liberalization of the agricultural and economic sectors to ensure a uniform outplay while deal…

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