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Social Psychology: Attitudes and Attitude Changes (alternatively: Prejudice and Discrimination, both topics would be fine – maybe something on xenophobia)

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Social psychology: xenophobia
What is the role of increased unemployment rates and security issues in South African xenophobic violence?
Research Questions
Why xenophobic violence victims were only foreigners from African descent despite having other foreign races like Asians and Arabs?
How did the increased rates of unemployment and insecurity issues lead to xenophobic violence in South Africa?
Rationale for the Proposed Research:
The research study is significant since South Africa is the nation that hosts the global conference that is against xenophobia and the resultant violence, racial discrimination, and racism. Unfortunately, it is the country that has had a series of xenophobic violence across its towns. South Africa is a nation in the South of the African continent; the neighboring countries include Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Swaziland, and Mozambique. The ethnic communities in South Africa include the black’s majority, over 75%, whites about 8%, the Asians 2.5%, and the rest are from the neighboring African nations as shown in (Steinberg, 2008). The xenophobic violence was directed against foreigners in South Africa from neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The South African xenophobia perpetrators, targeted only foreigners of African descent and not any other (Getty, 2015). The main reason was the perception that they took over their jobs and were the reasons for the rampant insecurity in …

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