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Seacole Mary Autobiography

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Seacole Mary autobiography
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Seacole Mary autobiography
An autobiography is a story of an individual life told by the individual himself which is based on the real-life situation and is either told my word of mouth or through writings (Smith & Watson, 2010). Seacole in her autobiography tells of her love to travel to different places and which she term as an adventure she travel to different places and gain new experiences as she traveled across the many lands. Seacole starts her autobiography with her background and childhood to her marriage then life after the death of her husband and mother, then here reception at the independent hotel and her life in Cruces.
Seacole Mary starts her autobiography by indicating that she was born in Jamaican and of mixed-race of Scottish and Creole. Her father was a soldier in the British army while her mother was a healer who used the traditional Caribbean and African herbs for her medication (Seacole & Russell, 2014). Seacole learned her nursing skills from observing and helping her mother with her practices. When she was young she practiced nursing practices observed from her mother firstly on her doll, then she moved to the dogs and cats and lastly to herself before she started treating other human beings. She indicates that people associated her energy and activities to the Scotch blood which her to many varied scenes. As she got to womanhood, she started to e…

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