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Seacole Mary Autobiography

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Seacole Mary autobiography
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Seacole Mary autobiography
An autobiography is a story of an individual life told by the individual himself which is based on the real-life situation and is either told my word of mouth or through writings (Smith & Watson, 2010). Seacole in her autobiography tells of her love to travel to different places and which she term as an adventure she travel to different places and gain new experiences as she traveled across the many lands. Seacole starts her autobiography with her background and childhood to her marriage then life after the death of her husband and mother, then here reception at the independent hotel and her life in Cruces.
Seacole Mary starts her autobiography by indicating that she was born in Jamaican and of mixed-race of Scottish and Creole. Her father was a soldier in the British army while her mother was a healer who used the traditional Caribbean and African herbs for her medication (Seacole & Russell, 2014). Seacole learned her nursing skills from observing and helping her mother with her practices. When she was young she practiced nursing practices observed from her mother firstly on her doll, then she moved to the dogs and cats and lastly to herself before she started treating other human beings. She indicates that people associated her energy and activities to the Scotch blood which her to many varied scenes. As she got to womanhood, she started to experience her love for traveling that she indicated that it will never leave her as long as she was healthy. Her wishes to travel lead to her first travel to England with some relatives while she was still young.
Later after a year, she traveled to London and on her return she carried some items that she would sell in her country. After a little stay in Jamaica, she started some trips with the aim of gaining on these trips she visited New Providence and brought some shells and shell-work for selling purposes her then visited Hayti and Cuba. On return to Kingston she nursed the old lady who took care for her when she was young and. Unfortunately, the old woman died, and Seacole went back to her mother’s house where she learned about traditional medicine and later was married and moved with the husband to Black Rivers but due to the health problems of her husband they went back to Kingstone where the husband passed a few months after their arrival.
After the death of her husband her mother also died shortly after him and Seacole had to recollect herself and make the ends meet. It is also important to note that this period of her life was faced with many challenges including the 1843 fire there brought down their house in Kingstone (Seacole & Russell, 2014). To sustain herself she began tailoring and cooking activities in her house. It is during this period of time that she decided to travel to Cruces. The journey was faced with many challenges and on her arrival at the independent hotel things did not work out well for her as the reception was unwelcoming which lead to her suffering of hunger and cold.
While in Cruces, Seacole practiced her nursing skills as she had the opportunity. The first instance happened when an intimate friend to her host ‘brother’ died and it was suspected that he had died of poisoning this lead to Seacole viewing the corps and from her observation she announced that he must have died of cholera. This caused anger among the people but a few hours later another patient was suffered similar symptoms, and the people come to her and she managed to save the life of the patient. It is important to note that Seacole’s patients hardly paid for the services provided as they could not afford. In this period, there was a cholera epidemic in Cruces, which claimed many lives.
During her stay in Cruces, Seacole acquired a place to let which she wanted to use for her own purposes. She started a hotel which was faced with many challenges such as gambling. She was a victim of being robbed and cheated by some travelers who lacked morals. She also had to acquire some labor to help her in service provision such as a barber to shave her male customers. It is also in this hotel that she practiced her nursing skills and with time she got experienced in treating knife and gunshot wounds. Seacole went on with her nursing practices, and she still traveled to various places and made friends who she greatly talks about in her autobiography.
As we read Seacole autobiography, it is clear that she was a great woman who loved to explore as she travels to different countries. It is evidence that in each country and state that she visited after getting into her womanhood she made a great impact in her service provision as a nurse. Seacole through her autobiography one can associate her with being a strong woman this is evidence when she suffered the loose of her husband, followed closely by her mother and the fire strategy that brought down their home in Kingston yet, after all, these she recollected herself and engaged in various activities including tailoring and cooking.

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