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Causes, Treatment, and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

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Causes, Treatment, and Symptoms of Schizophrenia

Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

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Causes, Treatment, and Symptoms of Schizophrenia
Psychological research has come up with an in-depth study of the human behavior. In studying human behavior, they have discovered several dysfunctions in the human nervous system that cause an imbalance in the normal activities of people. Schizophrenia has gotten defined by psychologists and medics as a disabling, chronic and severe ailment of the brain. This illness causes a shift in the normal functioning of the brain causing the victim to act abnormally. The victims have unusual experiences that range from believing other people want to harm them, read their minds, direct their thoughts, and hearing voices that are not heard by others. There are instances when the victims of the ailment seem fine but when they communicate there is no sense in what they say.
Statistics shows that this disease affects many and up to 1% of the global population has suffered from it. The United States is an example of about 2million people being fatalities. In studying this ailment, several factors interests psychologists. These factors include the causes of the sickness, the various types of schizophrenia, the symptoms as well as the treatment of the disease. This paper will, therefore, address the factors above in details for a deeper understanding of the ailment.
Causes of Schizophrenia
The real causes of this disease have not gotten defined but through research varying brain structure and chemistry as well as the environment and…

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