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National Security

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National Security

Category: Analytical Essay

Subcategory: Classic English Literature

Level: High School

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Words: 275

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National Security
According to Nixon (1), the American government has decided to expand its quest to ensure national security in the country abroad by deploying approximately 2000 of its homeland security personnel to countries across the American border. Some of the homeland employees have been reported to be patrolling in the sea while others are surveilling the skies above the Caribbean Sea. According to James “Many threats to the homeland begin overseas, and that’s where we need to be” (Nixon 1). In this case, the view of the American government is that the homeland-abroad operation will strengthen America’s national security and that of their affiliate nations.
Grillo explains that the state of security at the United States-Mexico border is reduced as the illegal business of moving guns in and out of both countries is still taking place despite the tight security by the homeland border security employees. Grillo (1) states that “guns from America inundate Mexico, arming the brutal cartels that have drowned the country in blood.” In this case, the result of poor national security measures by the American government has led to insecurities in their neighboring nation.
Nixon presents his argument in an argumentative format. He mentions the supporting views to the move of deploying homeland employees to the nations abroad and then later suggest the opinions of those that find the process against the…

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