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Intent letter

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Intent letter

Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Economics

Level: Academic

Pages: 1

Words: 275

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Dr. Kinchel Doerner
Dean of Graduate School
South Dakota state university
Brookings, SD 5700
Graduate School-Box 2201
Dear Dean Kinchel,
I am writing to declare my interest in pursuing a masters’ degree in economics at South Dakota state university (Farver, n.d). I have attached relevant documents for this application for consideration for the spring semester.
I am currently a holder of a Bachelors’ degree in economics from King Saud University. Due to my outstanding academic performance, I have earned a scholarship from my government to study as an international student. During my undergraduate, I held various leadership positions like being a representative of the economics students in the university. The position allowed me to learn and improve my leadership and team spirit.
My interest for studies in economics developed while still in high school. I had realized that my nation was failing in some sectors due to a poor strategy for resource allocation for programs. Economics is the study that deals with consumption, creation, and distribution of goods and services (Cooter, 1988). My country has been facing deficiencies in some vital sectors like health due to the poor prioritization of needs; this has pushed me to acquire the relevant knowledge to help solve the problem.
Considering my academic background and experience, I am confident that I am a perfect student for this program. I have considered the provision of the program from your college of economics and the skills offered are exactly what I need. The degree will equip me with skills to transform the economic policies within my country and around the world that lead to sluggish development. I am ready to answer any questions concerning my application anytime using the contact details I have provided above. Thank you.
(Your name)
Work cited
Cooter, Robert, and Thomas Ulen. “Law and economics.” (1988).
Farver, Debra, et al. “South Dakota State University.”

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