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The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV
The diagnostic and statistical manual IV
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV is used to treat and diagnose the patients who are mentally ill; it is a typical method of classifying of mental disorders. It a very significant way mostly used by mental health professions in the united state to communicate and gather exact public health figures. The DSM-IV consists the following essential components.
Diagnostic categorization: The diagnostic categorization comprises the list of mental disorders that are involved officially in making of DSM diagnosis. It function is to select the disease from the classification that clearly replicate the signs and symptoms that are displayed by the evaluated individual. . Each diagnostic tag is linked with a diagnostic code used by the organization for data and billing. Such diagnostic code are derived from, the coding system that is used y all professionals in the health care. In most of case, the DSM diagnosis chose disorder that most probably mirror the patient signs and symptoms
Descriptive text: The descriptive text component of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV is a component that accompanies each disorder. The text component of DSM-IV describes each disorder under the following titles methodically.
• The diagnostic feature of diagnostic and Statistical Manual IN.
• Associated feature with Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.
• The supporting Diagnosis.
• The development and courses of DSM-IV.
• The risks and prognostic factors diagnostic measures
• The gender-Related Diagnostic Issues.
• The Functional Consequences of DSM-IV.
• Culture-Related Diagnostic Issues.
However, most of the key changes in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual TR are apprehended to the descriptive text. These changes are made in very difficult criteria set so as to correct errors that are identified in DSM-IV.
Diagnostic criteria set: A set of diagnostic criteria indicate what symptoms, disorder, and condition that must be presented and those that should not be submitted. For every disease includes in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV so as to be qualified for an individual diagnosis. These diagnostic criteria appear to be very useful since it gives a brief description of every disorder. However, although these criteria are very helpful guidelines, they should be used in conjunction with the judgment and assessment capabilities of those trying diagnosis. In the situation where the individuals have successfully established DSM-IV diagnosis of autistic disorder, the patient should be given the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. While those who have marked deficits in social communication but their symptoms do not meet criteria for autism spectrum disorder should be assessed for social communication disorder
There is an enormous problem of using Diagnostic, and Statistical Manual IV to diagnose patients. Since Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV classification of mental disorder always replicates agreements, of the present formulation of developing facts in any field. They do not cover all the situations for which people may be treated, or that may be the good subject for the research effort.
Other problems encountered when using Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV to diagnose patients is that the DSM-IV can result to vital data and outlooks that do not fit into DSM-IV diagnostic system getting ignored. Making a diagnosis means that patients have a dissimilar illness. Diagnoses are mostly beginning, mainly well matched for research intentions.
However, they are too quickly widened far past scientific rationalization. Mostly when doing a diagnosis to a particular patient, the process can be enlarged by observing the present explanations. The extremely recurrent diagnosing patients with multiple diagnoses should be well clarified. Since the patients with different personalities can be mistaken and be given the same diagnosis since they are in the same cluster of personality disorder. Such groups of the personal disorder are classified by one having abnormal and strange behaviors thought and thinking.
The disorder can have the similar symptoms and can be mistaken for each other. If the patient gets misdiagnosed, the treatment cannot be adequately done and can lead to further problems and complication since because of misdiagnoses and mistreatment. However, if the patient is diagnosed with more than one Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV disorder, it does not mean that putting more attention on diagnosis will help the patient to deal with psychopathology. However, there must be a possibility that many present diagnoses are failing to well enough to capture and give a precise definition of psychopathology
In the DSM-IV, the criteria used to come up with the diagnoses cannot be observed directly. This means that the use of DSM-IV only cannot collect subjective data from the patient that is needed for proper diagnoses. To gather the accurate data required for proper diagnoses, the analyzes of the patient are needed. For example, the patient in the social status can react differently in a one on a clinical setting. For one who suffers from antisocial personality disorder may not display antisocial symptoms in a one in one clinical setting.
Mostly the personality disorder can be similar to mental illness; they do not have fundamental differences. The individuality diseases are grouped as a mental disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV. Mental illness can also be considered as antisocial personality.
It is very advisable for a patient to seek advice from a counselor or any other person. Counseling helps the person to resolve the problems or issues that are overcome in life. In this easy the counselor through direct or indirect advice helps the patient make the helpful decision.

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