equality truly exists for all in america

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equality truly exists for all in america

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Equality Truly Exists for all in America
While Americans concur strongly regarding the subject of liberty, they differ most strongly on the issue of equality. Both the public and the political class are divided sharply concerning the questions of social, political, and economic equality in the United States. America has succeeded in achieving most forms of reality, even though the tension between the ideal and the real across the realms of equality is sometimes heightened by the lack of consensus on the nature of the real.
With regard to social equality, the United States has successfully achieved gender equality. Religion and the society do not favor men over women. For instance, equality in wages has improved considerably since the 1970s when women earned about sixty-two percent of what men earned to earning an average of eighty-one percent in 2010. Aside from these improvements, women’s participation in the American labor force has augmented considerably. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that while equality truly exists in the United States, perfect equality is difficult to attain.
Women, similar to men, are underrepresented in some industries and overrepresented in others. For example, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, women represented seventy-nine percent of social service and health workforce and sixty-nine percent of the workforce in educational services. Nevertheless, they represented a paltry eight percent of the workforce in the construction sector and forty-three percent of the scientific, professional, and technical services workforce.
Women representation in the political sphere has also been far from impressive, even though progress is being made in this regard. Overall, while the United States has managed to achieve equality in nearly all spheres, the progress made is not perfect. However, it is plausible to argue that equality truly exists in America.