Social Science

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Social Science
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Sociology of Race

Sociology of Race Student’s Name Institution Affiliation OUTLINE Introduction Origin of the Race Theory Relationship between Race and Modernity Description of Sociological Theories on Race and Modernity Conclusion Introduction The oldest field in sociology has been the study of racism; ironically, it may be the least developed theoretically. Study of race relations has moved through distinct phases characterized by particular theoretical orientations, ideological inclinations, policy implications and political ramifications. Since the 19th Century, sociological viewpoints on race have rapidly developed and modified, always showing changes in large-scale procedures. There has been...

equality truly exists for all in america

Name Instructor Task Date Equality Truly Exists for all in America While Americans concur strongly regarding the subject of liberty, they differ most strongly on the issue of equality. Both the public and the political class are divided sharply concerning the questions of social, political, and economic equality in the United States. America has succeeded in achieving most forms of reality, even though the tension between the ideal and the real across the realms of equality is sometimes heightened by the lack of consensus on the nature of the real. With regard to social equality, the United States has successfully achieved gender equality. Religion and the society do not favor men over women....


Name: Institution: Course: Date: Religious cults Introduction A cult refers to a system of religious worship which has its rites, ceremonies and inspires great devotion. In the recent years, there has been an increase in the formation of cults, also known as New Religious Movements based on different religious concepts. Some of these cults have extreme beliefs based on issues such as the Armageddon, religious cleansing, God’s execution of men through fellow men among many other unbelievable bases. Cults may be based on many other religions such as the Muslim religion. Some of these Muslim religious cults inspire such a great devotion that gradually they become revolutions that no longer...

In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing. Discuss this statement with reference to two areas of Knowledge.

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Gaining Knowledge Abstract The various areas of knowledge include Mathematics, Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, History, Ethics, the Arts, the Religious Knowledge Systems, and the Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Every area of knowledge solves a problem in life. Knowledge results from the interaction of many ways of knowing. There are eight different ways of knowing. They include language, sense perception, faith, intuition, reason, emotion, memory, and imagination. For example, languages are the reason we understand the knowledge and more also languages helps in the passing of knowledge from the past to the present. Sense perception includes sight, smelling,...

Music Analysis On Social Issue Of Drugs

Music Analysis On Social Issue Of Drugs Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Lecturer Due Date American popular culture has been propagated by the use of music and songs. Media plays a vital role in enhancing the messages of such especially those that projects the social issues that entrench in our contemporary societies today. Music lyrics has addresses the social issues in America. The drug is one of primary issue that music has been projected through the social media. Some of the songs that will get analyzed in this essay include, Feel Good Hit of the Summer; I’m Waiting for the Man, Junkhead, Sugar Man, and Toy Soldiers. The list vividly shows how to some extent music can help...

relationship violence

Name Instructor Task Date Relationship Violence and the Effects on Victims Relationship violence refers to the aggressive behavior that typically involves the violent abuse of an intimate partner or spouse. Individuals who have been exposed to relationship violence often experience challenges concerning healing both emotionally and physically from multiple traumas (Edlin, Eric, and Kelli 509). Such traumas may have diverse effects on the body, mind, and spirit. Both men and women experience relationship violence, with the effects manifesting themselves immediately following the abuse, or long after the act has ended. Some of the physical effects of relationship violence include chronic...

Writersociological imagination’s choice

Writer Sociological Imagination’s Choice Name of Student Name of University The concept of sociology is a branch of sociology delineating the impact of the life of an individual upon the entire society. It may seem that society conditions the social beings but as an element of sociology, people are equally responsible to shape the nature of society. Sociological imagination is developed by the eminent American sociologist C. Wright Mills. According to him, sociological imagination is a relationship between the wider society and personal experience with vivid awareness (2000). Sociology portrays any concept or pattern noticed in society in a much generalised way. To be more specific, a...

the moral limits of market

The Moral Limits of the Market Name Institution Introduction The article "What Money can't buy" by Michael J. Sandals is a very debatable article which talks about how the American society has transformed from being a vibrant market to a market society. He clearly explains how the market these days has changed from selling ‘real commodities" to selling services or commodities that are not worth selling in his perspective. The novel portrays his disappointments with the current system of marketing and the effects it has impacted to the morals of the society. He is more concerned with how corruption has tarnished the sense of hard work as a virtue in the society and how it has made people...

CURRENT Social Movement

Current Social Movements Name of Student Subject Code and Title Current Social Movements PETA or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an organization that has strong beliefs on the need of humans to be the guardian of animals may they be domesticated or not. Most often than not, the movements of PETA become directed to the major activities humans engage with that usually involve the participation or inclusion of animals in the picture (Francione, 2009). To promote the idealisms of the organization, the leaders are engaging in continuous research and exposure of situations that put animals in danger. Among the most recent expositions that the group engaged in include the...