Descartes Freud civilization & its discontents Revised

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Descartes Freud civilization & its discontents Revised

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Descartes the method vs Freud civilization & its discontents
Descartes the method and Freud civilization and its discontents are exclusive studies that depict the philosophical understanding of the meaning of nature and what happens in human life. They two pieces of writings provide contrasting aspects on key phenomenon that determine human life, choices, perception, critical thinking, and decision-making. According to Donald and Descartes (2), the two studies give meanings of human actions, what people think, perception about diverse social, cultural and religious principles. In particular, Descartes the method holds that it is highly impossible for individuals to doubt their existence while we doubt at the same time. The study states that individuals imagine that certain phenomenon is false and that our lives are characterized by doubting.
For instance, Descartes presents that it is easy for individuals to doubt the existence of God. It is stated that it is easy for people to suggest that there is no God, heaven including bodies. People hold the views that see them work hard despite being unable to comprehend that they are nothing. On the other hand, Freud does not endorse introspection as a viable method of understanding the meaning of various actions that human beings undertake (Sigmund 4). Freud’s work is based on the principle that one must know others actions in solving various issues. Freud assumed the principle of sufficient meaning by assuming that individuals can be corned. The two aspects are integral given that they provide contrasting views on diverse issues. Freud’s theory focuses on the establishment of the meanings of our actions detailing that everything happens for a reason in the society.
The idea of the move is to create awareness about the cause of interaction and awareness creation about one’s actions. It depicts categorically the principle that individuals can target that includes the principle of sufficient meaning. Evidently, this study set to aid the understanding of key principles that influence the realization or establishment of the meaning of diverse actions in the present competitive environment (Freud and Sigmund 9). It also gives information on the reservation nature of individuals including leaving in denial of certain facts. Descartes principle also provide critical understanding on how leaving if doubts affects perception either positively or negatively.
Descartes the method vs Freud civilization & its discontents
As noted, Freud civilization & its discontents do not endorse introspective exclusively but it helps in discovering the deceit in the introspective. It helps n finding the meaning of individual’s action and philosophical elements that influence individual’s wellbeing. Freud provides the extent as to which psychology concerns are generated and how they influence the explanation of key events that characterizes major events. Freud conducted a study on the meaning of human brings actions and how the life principles remain important (Donald and Descartes 4). He ascertained that key aspects that influence our actions included but not limited to ID, ego and super ego including the use of symbolism. In particular, ego is one of the elements that causes positive action plans in human beings. Ego ignites the spirit of hard work and interpretation of facts promptly thereby enabling individuals to focus on service delivery. Super-ego and symbolism also plays a critical role in the management and interpretation of individual’s actions. This is based on the fact and idea that everything happens for a reason, however, bad or good.
Many people share in this belief including scientists who hold that meaning of our actions are revealed through the interpretation of the action they cause. Finding the meaning of our actions is important as it helps in defining individual’s character, and the prevailing character (Freud and Sigmund 22). Freud holds that human beings are known through their actions socially, economically, culturally and religiously. This is based on the activities that one normally gets involved on in a daily basis. When you find the meaning of individual’s actions, you get to understand the persons taste and thought. You also get to know how mental capability influence quality service delivery in organizations
Knowledge about people’s action has promoted civilization and its discontents greatly. Much advancement evident in diverse sectors that relate to quality service delivery, innovation and creativity are attributable to the knowledge about the actions that are executed. Freud and Sigmund (23), indicated that one cannot attain civilization of get civilized without self-understanding, evaluation of the stage where one is, where one is going and what is expected. This facilitates the need for change and adoption of a conventional way of doing things.
Descarte’s principle on the other hand, focuses on the thought process and the doubtful nature of individuals in the society. It states that human mind and thought process is affected by doubt. Many people doubt the credibility of what they do, the experiences they encounter including development proposals put forward by various agencies. The culture of double is impeding progress and innovation in most settings (Sigmund 24). When individuals cannot believe on the assets and other valuables including their own performance strategies, nothing productive can be realized especially in the current society. The anomaly is apparent given that many people are not keen towards an effective understanding of key events in their lives. This denies much the opportunity to understand what ails them socially and correct.
The best example where doubt is generated is where one strives to recognize that the soul is joined to the whole body. However the prevailing conditions disallow one to say that it exists in any one part of the body. Variably, most individuals assume that mental life is the function of diverse apparatus that individual’s ascribe to that are extended in space normally (Freud and Sigmund 49). The assumption instills fear in some people from recognizing the power of mental life function in promoting quality life. Lack of confidence and belief in the assertions made about the evident doughty that various individuals have is not in consonance with the possible changes in various sectors including technology sector. It equally affects the quality of products that individuals boast about in the present day. Therefore, it is important for individuals to have pertinent tools, goodwill and the right attitude to be able to eliminate false imaginations and doubts that causes disconnect between civilization and traditions including communication trends.
Contrasting aspects about Descartes the method vs Freud civilization & its discontents
Contrastingly, Descartes vs Freud civilization & its discontents paints two pictures of human life and perception. In particular, Freud civilization and its discontent focuses on the meaning of various actions that are undertaken in human life (Donald and Descartes 12). It promotes systematic reasoning on various claims that are characterized a similar notion that is referred to as the principle of sufficient cause. Freud narrative also details information about civilization and its discontent. However, Descartes is all about knowing something but still operate in doubts about various things.
It is characterized by the fact that living in double affects individuals ability to participate in decision and imaging that enables rejection and attendance to design amicable ways of managing the plan to eradicate doubts that limits the adoption of new plans. Therefore, Descartes vs Freud civilization & its discontents is contrasting each other (Sigmund 29). As one talks about doubts that characterizes about things that are present in them with the aim of expanding knowledge while Freud civilization strives to find the meanings of diverse actions that compromises individuals ability to work under supervision that in turn leads to the provision of direction to enhance management of information. In order to extend knowledge about the topics of study preferred. .
It is imperative to conclude that Descartes the method vs Freud civilization & its discontents, are two separate works that contrast each other. The contrasting aspect is drawn from the fact that two propagate different philosophical principles. Dascartes method revolves around doubts that characterize individual’s thoughts. According to the principle, most people develop strong belief to certain activities; however, they develop a similar element of doubt. This compromises individual’s ability to achieve best results in the activities they undertake. It also leads to time wastage as much time is taken to erase the element of doubt in people’s minds for them to embrace or support any project. Subsequently, Freud civilization is a publication that details information on how to understand the meaning of individual’s action. Its theme revolves around understanding of the meaning of actions undertaken by various individuals socially, economically and culturally. Despite the differences, the two sources of information aid in-depth study on the issues at hand.
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