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Category: Quantitative Research

Subcategory: Logic

Level: College

Pages: 2

Words: 550

Personal Responsibility Reflection EssayIntroduction
In this course, I made up my mind to focus my efforts on choices that would make me get the most out of my English class. I developed a list of activities I wanted to engage in, new practices I wanted to adopt as well as some of the activities I wanted to shed off so that I could reap the most out of this subject. Some of the key points on the list were procrastination, attending class regularly and on time, taking part in class discussions, preparing for class and asking for help when I needed it. The main objective was to engage in activities that would foster my academic success in this course. This paper seeks to point at the choices and practices that enhanced my success in this course.
Procrastination is the postponing of activities and maybe decisions as well as a regular practice (Ji Won, 66). The first decision I decided to make was to deal with my procrastination habit. Normally, I postponed my assignments and other course exercises and ended up not doing them. Procrastination had been a great setback in my academic life. Therefore, I decided that throughout the course, I will complete my assignments and exercises immediately I think of doing them and at the time when I planned to do them.
I also decided that I will attend the English class regularly. I realized that doing to class can help me far more than just giving me credit or attendance. I realized that attending class f…

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