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A) The primary sensory region is responsible for receiving the incoming sensory information. The primary somatosensory is responsible for receiving the input related to pressure, touch, pain, and varying temperatures. The primary somatosensory is located in the postcentral gyrus. Primary sensory regions are arranged into accurate maps of the human body. For instance, the primary somatosensory cortex has an exact link that corresponds to contralateral sides of the human body, for example, the last and third fingers of the right hand send sensory information to adjacent regions of the left primary somatosensory cortex. The same case is true for the primary auditory and visual cortexes, has a point for point map and tonotopic maps respectively. Both maps for correspondence opposite visual fields and cochlea of the inner ear respectively. For the various auditory regions of cortexes is responsible for different frequencies of sound.
B) Agnosia is a condition that affects the sensory neurons. The visual, tactile, and auditory sensory parts are affected. The effects render one incapable of using those sensory parts to know names or identity objects. Face blindness is a visual agnosia, and the Victim is not capable of recognizing faces of individuals. Face blindness occurs as a result of the destruction of the impairment of the right fusiform gyrus, responsible for the coordination of the neural systems for memory and facial perceptions.
C) This dysfunction occurs in the posterior occipital lobes or the temporal lobe of the brain. At the time, it occurs due to the bilateral damage of the two regions.
D) The same disorder may also arise in the auditory associated region of the auditory region leading to losing of ability to recognize and understand speech lies; the temporal lobe is the ones affected.