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Category: Admission Essay

Subcategory: Medicine

Level: University

Pages: 1

Words: 550

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date
Admission into the UCSD Medical School
I regard my experience in the emergency room at Scripps Memorial Hospital as the ultimate motivating factor for my desire to become a physician. The ER used to handle many cases, especially at night, thus making the volunteer experience memorable and exciting. Prior to the experience, I used to hear captivating stories about the demanding nature of roles carried out in emergency rooms. The stories revolved around physician experiences with either critically ill patients or patients that required urgent medical attention and the role that each member of the healthcare team had to play in managing the condition of the patient. I greatly anticipated the day when I would be given the opportunity to have clinical experience in the ER. As a volunteer student that aimed to become a physician after completing my medical school, I could not hide my joy when I got assigned to an alcoholic patient that had been admitted into the ER for alcohol poisoning.
While I also helped the doctor whenever he required my services, taking care of the patient was my primary responsibility. I assisted in administering the medicine that consisted of an antibacterial agent, a synthetic antiprotozoal that had to be administered orally, and Metronidazole. The doctor had already passed the nasogastric tube through the nasopharynx and esophagus of the patient into the stomach to assist in getting rid of the stomach…

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