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Adjustment Case Study

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Adjustment Case Study

Category: Creative Essay

Subcategory: Psychology

Level: College

Pages: 7

Words: 1925

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Adjustment Case Study
Most people spend their time at work or even at schools under stressful situations. The students must balance their tests, projects, extra-curricular activities, classes and work among the college students. On the other hand the other workers must balance between their stressing jobs; they have to face their cruel bosses now and then. At last they end overwhelmed by the kind of jobs they do. In this art, I am going to focus on two individuals who struggled to adjust despite the stressful situations they were experiencing.
The first article tries to explain the stressors and the potential stressors among the college students. It mainly examines strategies that the students put in place to cope up with their stressful situations. How their strategies relate to social support, the kind of parenting style that the mothers and fathers of these college students adopt, how they experience anxiety, and the some of the academic based stress too are explored in the first article (Smith & Renk, 2007).
In a questionnaire filled by ninety-three students, the results came out suggesting that anxiety, support from major others and problem-focused coping can easily serve as some of the potential predictors of the stress that are academic based that were common among the college students. It then means that to help the college students get rid of the academic-related trauma, it is advisab…

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