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Your an inmate

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Your an inmate

Category: Coursework

Subcategory: Criminal Justice

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You are an inmate



You are an inmate
As an inmate, the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the best choice for treatment. CBT assumes that criminality is due to the domination of dysfunctional patterns of thoughts. The intention of CBT is to alter the routine ideas that lead to misconducts that result into crime. The structure of CBT is such that it is capable of identifying the cognitive deficits attributed to criminality such as impulsivity, egocentricity, and ability to reason critically among others. Many researchers have attributed crime and violence to mental illness or instability (Robertson, 2010). The cognitive deficits believed to lead to criminal behaviors result from unstable psychological conditions. The CBT has a greater potential to identify the psychological dysfunctions and ensure effective treatment to recovery.
The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is multifaceted and capable of addressing various treatment needs for an inmate. When used in prisons, the technique combines advantages of both individual and group treatment. It uses individual therapy to identify behavioral dysfunctions in an inmate. According to Siegel and Bartollas (2014), CBT therapists teach detainees in groups assembled in a classroom setting. The lessons include group exercises that include rehearsals, homework assignments, and role-play. Teaching in groups is crucial in enabling violent and self-centered inmates to realize the need of respective and appreciating ot…

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